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DSV has offices in Blantyre and Lilongwe

Offices in Malawi

Office Office Type Service City Postal/ Zip code
DSV Air & Sea
Phone: +265 171 2030
E-mail: gregg.davies@mw.dsv.com
Website: http://www.mw.dsv.com
Branch office
Air freight
Sea freight
Road transport
Customs clearance
Address: P.O. Box 40132, Kanengo Lilongwe

With offices and facilities in more than 80 countries on six continents, we provide and run supply chain solutions for thousands of companies on a daily basis.

Sea freight
Sea freight is handled via the ports of Beira and Nacala in Mozambique, Durban in South Africa and Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. Transit to and from Malawi is by road.

Air freight
Air freight is available via airports in Lilongwe and Blantyre.

Road transport
We also offer a dedicated and consolidated road freight service to and from Johannesburg.

Logistics Solutions
We have warehouse space available in Blantyre and Lilongwe.

Through our border offices and clearance desk we are able to offer a complete customs brokerage solution, but please note that DDP (delivered duty paid) shipments are not permitted.

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